Torches and Technological Solutions for Underwater Lighting
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A C E T Y L E D   2 0 2 3

ACETYLED is the new integrated and modular system designed, developed and tested for speleology, not just underwater.

The supplied kit consists of the light head, double wet connection with E/O Cord and Exloration Canister 7.4 volt 5 ah.

This product is certainly the most powerful currently on the market and can develop up to 3400 Real Lumens.

The system uses 2 CREE LEDs with different characteristics and utilities:

SPOT SPOTLIGHT 1000 lumens with cold light, 6500K, concentrated, full and penetrating for long distances and for team signals with the possibility of choosing between 2 light intensity modes, 50% and 100%.
2400 lumens WIDE LIGHT, warmer and used as proximity lighting, with an angle of about 120┬░ and has 4 power modes, from 7% to 100%.

The latter is also designed for prolonged use in dry caves, where its low consumption and optimized electronics make it possible to obtain very high efficiency and allow autonomy, at minimum power and with the basic battery, of approximately 29 hours. .

The 2 light sources are controlled by a rotary switch composed of a ring with a large diameter, very comfortable which allows, in an incredibly intuitive way, to select and modulate the type and intensity of the lights;

These can be selected independently, separately or together, on different power levels, all easily manageable via the electromagnetic contact rotary switch;

The choice of the electromagnetic contact ignition mode is the basis of a deliberate choice in the precise direction of not having any component and any structure that could, in any way, create a passage or simple humidity between the control structure and the electronic component

Automatic shutdown system with CUT OFF

Safety system that allows in the event of an emergency / short circuit / power surges or other events to have a single source of lighting available that guarantees visibility without leaving the user in the dark.

The great strength of the ACETYLED is the possibility of being powered by both 7.4V and 12V current;

The new updates installed on the torch, including the double standard wiring of cables with E/O CORD wet connectors, allow you to use both the current of the helmet canister (supplied in the package) and to use the 12V power supply of a canister compatible as, for example, that of a good primary light equipped with a double connector ( CANISTER T5 - CANISTER T3);

In this way the duration of the light source of the ACETYLED #cavelight is multiplied, extending for dozens of hours.

Weight: about 880 gr in air (in basic head + battery configuration)

The performance tests carried out over time have been of paramount importance and were carried out to verify the achievement of the design objectives and this entire phase was carried out by Mario Marconi, whose contribution was fundamental.  

854 EURO

Mario Marconi
Technical-Full Cave
CCR Instructor/Trainer
member of @the_explorers_club


This product is made to order, it is totally handmade by skilled
craftsmen and technicians.
Production time 30 days
Possibility of customization
Created by Aldo & Walter
P.iva 08524490961 Viggi├╣ VARESE
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